Stage 3 Criterium Monday May 21

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Criterium start order and times (approximate):

Category Start time (approximate) Length of the race

CAT 5               9:30 AM                                             25 minutes plus 3 laps

CAT 4             10:15 AM                                             30 minutes plus 3 laps

Women          11:00 AM                                             30 minutes plus 3 laps

Cat 1/2/3       11:45 AM                                             45 minutes plus 3 laps

Kids Crit       12:45 PM                                             2 laps


Time Trial and Road Race results will be posted in the Start / Finish area on 4th Ave N.

Racers and volunteers arriving before 8:00 AM may park on in the City Hall parking lot on 4th Avenue between 23rd and 24th Streets. After this, vehicle access to this area will be limited and controlled by a volunteer at each corner of the circuit. Marshals will also be controlling the movement of pedestrians, but cyclists must keep alert for spectators crossing the course. Please remember that you are downtown – ensure that you are not blocking any driveways, littering on any property or playing your stereo too loud.

Participant parking is located in the parking lot to the north of Saskatoon Business College on 3rd Avenue N.

Washroom facilities are located behind the Start / Finish area in the parking lot on 4th Avenue N.

This is a four-corner Criterium with the Start / Finish line located on 4th Avenue midway between 23rd and 24th Streets.

Please note:
3rd Avenue North and 23rd Street E are only 2 lanes with a pylon boundary and riders should take extra care on these 2 sections and all 4 corners. 4th Avenue N and 24th Street E are full road closures.

A number of primes will be announced at the start of each race. Primes may be cash, donated prizes and/or 5 seconds. The top 3 placing in each category will be awarded a time bonus of 15 seconds for 1st place, 10 seconds for 2nd place and 5 seconds for 3rd place. In addition, a stage win prize of $75 / category will be awarded in CAT 1 / 2, 3, 4 and Women, $50 in CAT 5 and $25 in CAT 6 (Youth U19). Riders must be eligible for GC in order to be eligible for any primes or prizes. If a rider wins a stage or prime then fails to gain a GC placing the stage winnings will go to the next placed rider.

Two race numbers must be worn, as per the diagram in the race bible, plus an RFID timing chip on your helmet. Numbers may not be folded, cut, overlapped or covered. ** Remember, if we can’t see your number, we can’t give you an accurate finishing time!

Lapped riders will be pulled at the Commissaires’ discretion. This is a short Crit course and for the safety of everyone, we will be pulling riders sooner, rather than later. Please remove yourself from the course as soon as it is safe to do so after the Commissaire has indicated. Pulled riders will be given a pro-rated time. Riders who DNF on their own will not be given a prorated time. Lapped riders who are allowed to continue the race must not assist or hinder other riders or contest the sprints in any manner. All racers will finish on the same lap as the leader, regardless of the number of laps completed. Racers may help each other only if they have covered the same distance in the race. If a racer or a small group of racers lap the main pack and return to the back of the pack, everyone in the newly formed group is eligible for any subsequent primes and time bonuses (not just those that have lapped the main pack).

There will be a wheel pit near the Start / Finish line for riders who have crashed or flatted. Wheels in the pit will be neutral wheels. Please label wheels with your name, race number and the gear. Riders may cut the course to access this wheel pit but may not ride backwards on the course. Riders will be given a free lap for a flat or crash related mechanical up to the last three laps. Each person is only allowed one free lap/race. Any rider who crashes in the last three laps will be given the same time as the last rider in the group they were riding in prior to the incident.

Medical First Response Saskatoon smallMedical Services provided by Medical First Response Saskatoon

Approximate times for award presentations:

Please note that the presentation will be located behind the Commissaires station. Please be available at this time:

CAT 4 & 5  10:30 AM

Women  12:00 Noon

CAT 1/2/3 GC prizes will be awarded as soon as possible after the race

UCI GC tie breaking rules will be followed in the event of a tie in GC standings in a category.

Kids Criterium Sponsored by blue cross

Bring out your up & coming roadies to the kids criterium!

  1. Anyone 12 & under may enter, using any kind of bike.
  2. Helmets are mandatory.
  3. Approximate start time is 12:45 PM – following the CAT 1/2 Crit.
  4. The event will consist of 2 laps of the Crit course.
  5. Registration for the Kids Criterium will take place on Monday, May 22, 2017 (day of the Criterium) from 12:00 – 12:30 PM at a separate registration table located near the SCA van.
  6. Entry fee will be $5. The SCA will cover the cost of the insurance using a special one-time-only one day form. Parents must sign this waiver & must be in attendance at the Kids Criterium.
  7. Treats to be provided for all participants in the Kids Criterium.