Race Details

Bikes on Broadway 2017 is a general classification stage race with a Time Trial, Road Race and Criterium. General classification times will be calculated and GC prizes will be awarded at the end of the third stage. As well, stage prizes (cash) and /or time bonuses will be awarded in some categories. The final prize list will be posted at the start of the second stage.

Racers must complete all stages of the race to be eligible for any of the prizes, primes or time bonuses. Also, racers must complete all previous stages in order to be allowed to start the next stage of the race or they must receive special permission from the Chief Commissaire.

Sign on for the Stage Race will take place between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM only on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at Freedom Functional Fitness (102 20th Street W). Parking is available behind the fitness center. Even if you have preregistered for the race, you must present your race license and pick up your race numbers at this time or you will not be allowed to race. Refunds will not be given to people who miss sign on.

Six categories of races will be offered: CAT 1 / 2 (combined), Women, CAT 3, CAT 4, CAT 5, CAT 6 (Youth U19). CAT 5

Women may choose to enter the Women’s category or may ride with the Men’s CAT 5 group (prizes will be combined).

CAT 6 is for both men and women and is designed for U19 novice racers with a desire to learn to race.

Organizers reserve the right to combine categories if registration for a category does not meet the minimum participant level requirements. If you have any questions or are uncertain which category you belong in, please contact the Race Director or Chief Commissaire IN ADVANCE OF RACE DAY.

UCI rules and regulations will be in place for all stages of this race. The onus is on the racer to know and follow the rules. Wearing rigid safety headgear is mandatory during competition and training sessions for all stages.

*No disk brakes allowed in road races in any category.

*No video cameras allowed in road races.

*No communication devices allowed in any discipline.

Urinating in public is strictly forbidden and offenders will be penalized. Bad language, disrespectful or improper behavior towards organizers, volunteers and Commissaires will not be tolerated.

Race numbers must be worn correctly for every race as outlined below:

Race numbers may not be covered at any time during a race and must be clearly visible at all times.

Race Number Placement:

All Races: Time Trial, Road Race, Criterium

1 number on right side pocket and 1 number on right side of chest / back, as per the diagram



A minimum 1-minute penalty will be enforced for infractions.

Race results will be posted following each stage and on the  website as soon as possible. Please note results are subject to change at any time before the final GC results are posted. If you have any questions about your results, please contact the Chief Commissaire.

Race Director:

Technical Director: Janice Matus 306-931- 3326 306-222- 4725 Cell fjmatus@sasktel.net

Chief Commissaire: Karen Cranston 306-955- 6220 306-241- 3356 Cell ledbike@sasktel.net

Stages:  Three general classification events:

Stage 1 – 8.2km Time Trial Saturday May 20

Stage 2 Road Race Sunday May 21

Stage 3 Criterium Monday May 22